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Cyber Series



Top of the Line - All the Way.

The Ultimate look!



The very best in sleek design and futuristic styling defines the Cyber. The Cyber features wrap-over-the-rail design, recessed all-glass side windows and carpet lined interior on all models. The total LOOK! 

The unique all-glass rear door with a rotary latch / lock system with Jason’s exclusive oval lock handle with “Lock Guard” , and our exclusive painted fiberglass bottom door skirt delivers the finishing touch.


If you are looking for a great SUV look and top quality, this is it!




   To ensure smooth, accurate window and door openings, Jason uses a high-pressure water jet cutting system. This assures that your window and door openings are precision cut for a trouble-free, watertight seal every time. Jason is dedicated and committed to using only the best, most technically advanced procedures and equipment throughout our entire manufacturing process.

      At JASON, everything we manufacture is custom made. We realize how important it is for you to have the "LOOK" you want. Rest assured when you purchase a JASON cap it was built from start to finish with you in mind -- superior quality, exciting styles, carefully engineered and dependable. 

It just does not get any better than this!